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Product Highlight :: Simple Joy Wedding Album in Leather

I am thrilled to have been able to deliver this album right before Christmas!! This fabulous couple, Kelly & Cortney, will be taking this album with them since they are visiting both families this year for Christmas – first stopping in the midwest to see Cortney’s family and then on to the east coast to see Kelly’s family. Since it weighs approximately 30 lbs (that’s kind of a joke), I don’t think they will be losing it, or accidentally packing it in their luggage. Kelly said to me that this won’t be leaving his side. SMILE. As I’m sure his bride won’t be either.

When I was processing these images of their album and reflecting back on their gorgeous sunny wedding, I had a couple thoughts – first is OH MY GOODNESS HOW I MISS THE SUN. The second was, DID I EVER BLOG THEIR WEDDING?!

I had just had my baby boy, who was only 8 weeks old and traveled with me to Leavenworth that weekend along with my sweet hubby, for the festivities. And what a fabulous weekend it was! Gorgeous and peaceful in every way. Anyhow, the few weddings that I did that season were for very laid-back couples who had exquisite weddings, and for whom immediate blog-posting wasn’t a big priority {thank goodness}. But now that I am sitting here reminiscing about this totally out-of-this-world gorgeous wedding, I am going to do a full-on top to bottom blog post about it because it was JUST THAT FABULOUS.

Okay, but for now, enjoy the images of their lovely, Simple Joy Album in a fabulous natural leather. Soak in the view and the sunshine and the very pretty people, and those good love-going-strong vibes can carry us through the holidays and into the new year!

Happy Holidays to Kelly, Cortney, their families and their new 30 lb traveling partner. Muah!

album of images from Leavenworth, WA wedding by Seattle photographer Heather Pearce



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Product Highlight :: Simple Joy Album

This album features a gorgeous family of redheads, whose session I described in a bit more detail here. I loved their final selection of images, and love even more all the ways they have chosen to enjoy them, including in a large family wall canvas collection, prints, a family album {featured here} and with a few metal prints as well.

I loved how their album turned out, so I had to use it as another feature for my Simple Joy Album product highlight.

I love the simplicity, yet heft of this album. From it’s black silk cover to the full sized prints mounted on thick pages, it is, as it’s name describes, my Simple Joy Album. For those wanting to keep an image collection together, it is a fabulous way to celebrate their session and their family.

Love love love. Now, get a load of these darling redheads!!

black silk album featuring triplet redhead girls

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Seattle Holidays :: Ella at Swanson’s Nursery

This sweet family, like my own, has a holiday tradition of visiting a nursery every Christmas to pick out their tree. They visit Swanson’s.  So when our morning portrait session fell apart a little due to Ella’s mood – although the 20 degree weather cannot have helped (!) – we decided to try again later in the day during their trip to Swanson’s!

I am a big fan of nurseries and trees and all things green and red and festive and covered in lights, so when they mentioned their plans for an afternoon trip to Swanson’s, I immediately thought that it might be worth a round two for little Ella.

However, I love some of the images we captured of Ella (one and a half, just like my own little busy toddler) at her home. We started outside, in front of their shed, and at the last minute Courtney had the genius idea to grab some holiday garland from inside, so we quickly nailed it to the shed, and voila, a great little festive backdrop. It was the perfect addition to their holiday red!

Though temperatures were still mighty cold for a little tyke, {sweet Ella was a trooper!} Swanson’s offered some fun and festive backdrops for family portraits as well – especially since it it such a meaningful location for this family!

Happy Holidays! Enjoy this image collection!

Holiday portraits, Seattle family photographer


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Holiday Traditions :: Seattle Family Photography

Are there things that you do every year come the holidays? Trips to favorite places, simple rituals, or even just fun afternoons that you can’t avoid (luckily!) where you absolutely must fill them with some of your favorite things, year after year after year? Do you intentionally create rituals, or do they just kinda happen, because your favorite things continue to be your favorite things?

I’m so curious, because it happens both ways at our house – some holiday/family traditions are very intentional (like getting “live” christmas trees with root ball and all!), and some just kinda happen (like visiting Molbak’s every Christmas season!)

I hope you enjoy these images from our most recent trip to Molbak’s, a beautiful nursery in Woodinville. We love this place, especially at the holidays!

Seattle family photography at Molbak

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The Joy of Little Boys :: Seattle Family Photography

Meet Walt. Walt was not so interested in a portrait session on this cool and kind of drizzly afternoon on the UW campus. His mom was prepared though, with snacks, i-phone games, and warm clothing. And for the most part, Walt did as he was asked, though he clearly had no interest in looking at the camera or the portrait session generally. And this is so typical for a five-year old! (And especially a five-year old boy).

However, once his mom took a five-minute break to do a quick wardrobe change, Walt and I were left alone for a few minutes. And so I quickly asked Walt whether he would be interested in a “secret portrait session” to surprise his mom! You should have seen the excitement on his face. He stopped playing games on his iphone, looked at me with wide eyes and a resounding “Yes!”

Hi mom had mentioned that Walt wants to be a movie actor when he grows up. So I asked Walt whether he would do some role playing with me, and show me what “fun guy,” “cool guy” and “tough guy” all look like (one at a time, of course).

Look at what we got from Walt!!! These are just a few of the images, but I loved them! And I loved that he was so excited to surprise his mom … it is a testament to the love and joy of little boys (and the love they have for their mommas!)

Seattle family portraiture

Of course the way Walt interacted with his mom was even more amazing. I’ve included some of my favorites below.

Seattle family portraiture on UW campus

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