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Announcing New 2014 Studio Design Guide

I am excited to have recently developed a new Studio Design Guide. It is a beautifully styled, visual guide featuring some of my favorite and most popular products.  It is intended to help my clients early in the process in determining how they might enjoy their upcoming image collection from their session. For clients who participate in a design session ahead of their portrait session, they can see many of these products in studio, but many clients may not be local or available for in-person design sessions, and so this guide is intended to bridge that gap.

How does a Design Guide help? Most of us are extremely visual. Even with excellent written descriptions, it can be difficult to imagine what an album actually looks like, what a frame collection, or a canvas collection look like as a whole, relative sizes and styles, and so I am super excited to be offering this guide as one more way to help clients in planning ahead for their portrait creation session.

I want clients to love not only their final images, but how they are displayed. Client’s portrait sessions, the images, and the products that follow are all intended to be a celebration of my clients’ lives, and the better we can prepare for portrait sessions, and plan the end results, the happier the client! If you are considering a portrait session to celebrate yourself, or your family, and need some inspiration or guidance on how you might enjoy these images in your home, please contact me for my new Studio Design Guide.

You can also check out a few sample pages from my Studio Design Guide, below.

Heather Pearce Photography Seattle Portrait Studio offers custom design guide
1617 HPP 900 pix brdr

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Business Portraits :: Graphic Designer Website Portraits

Working with other creatives is just so much fun. I especially love working with other small business owners {and don’t tell anybody, but women are super fab}. Meet Amanda, a graphic designer who is also practicing lifestyle design, having moved to Germany over a year ago. She has a love for travel and decided that she could do her fabulous graphic design work from anywhere, so she pretty much up-and-moved to Germany just like that. How awesome is that?!

Anyhow, she was home for a brief visit, and I had the pleasure of creating some new business portraits for her, so that she can update her website with her lovely self. {And how lovely is she?!}

We made the most of this most recent amazing Seattle weather {how often do we get to say that: AMAZING SEATTLE WEATHER} – I had to repeat the phrase, just because. We walked around downtown and found several cool spots taking advantage of some pretty fabulous lighting. The only downer was when my little guy (who is one and 1/2 and had to come along for the ride because this session was short notice), through his “bubby” i.e. blankey on the ground in an alley in what I’m pretty sure was a pee spot. Yuck. Try wrestling a blankey out of the hands of a very determined toddler close to his nap-time. Not fun. But the rest of the session was awesome! And I am so thrilled that we created these gorgeous new portraits for Amanda.

Check out her work at {Note: her website might be revamped soon, but definitely worth checking out!}

heather pearce photography professional website portraits seattle

PS. I love this last series! So gorgeous.

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Utah Desert :: Snow Canyon in Southern Utah

I think I have probably mentioned this somewhere on my blog before, but there are times in my life that I just crave some solace in the desert. On a quick trip this past weekend to Southern Utah, I got to enjoy Snow Canyon for a few minutes in the setting sun.

It wasn’t nearly as much time as I craved, but any moment in nature is better than none!! Luckily, throughout my weekend away, I was able to soak up bits of sun, enjoy lots of laughter with some of my closest and longest and dearest friends, and generally enjoy some really great things in life.

I just loved this particular desert image and had to share. Even if it just helps you breathe a little deeper just for a moment, I am so happy to have captured it!

Heather Pearce Photography nature photoraphy

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Owen Turns One :: Seattle Family Portraits :: Seattle Arboretum

What better reason to celebrate family than having a babe reach the first monumental birthday :: ONE! Owen recently turned one, and so it was time for family portraits!

I felt super fortunate to receive this referral from a fellow Seattle photographer on maternity leave {yay, babies!!} and so wanted to make sure that we took extra great care with this family. Luckily, amidst a weekend of cold, wintery weather, we got a lovely Sunday-morning break that allowed us to enjoy the arboretum for some outdoor portraiture.

Little Owen, the sweet blue-eyed peanut, was really a trooper! It was still cold! And he wasn’t drinking coffee {though he tried grabbing for mom’s}, and so we made extra efforts to keep him warm and happy. Despite a few meltdowns, we still created some lovely portraits. You’ll see how proud Owen is of being able to walk on his own two feet! And I think you’ll also feel the wonderful energy between Sarah and Tony and their growing family.

I especially loved a little series that we snapped at the end. Big brother Mason was terrific in strolling Owen around just long enough to allow us to get a little cuddle-time for mom and dad. And I’m so glad we did!

Congratulations, Owen!! Hope your first birthday was the happiest one yet! {With many, many, in fact a lifetime more to come!}

Heather Pearce Photography professional family portraits on location at the arboretum

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Business Portraits :: Professional Headshots :: Seattle Attorneys

One of my favorite types of portrait sessions are business portraits. Why? Because I really cannot stand those tightly cropped, worse-than-passport-photo photos (you know the kind) that are the equivalent of a daily-grind-mugshot. {Kinda like work-jail.} And too many law firms, and a few big businesses, do just that! Instead, how about the joy of putting your best foot and best SELF forward with an expressive, well-lit, beautifully composed PORTRAIT, designed to help your clients and customers connect with the REAL YOU. Not the work-jail you! For those of you who actually ENJOY your jobs!

I really believe that the whole purpose of having an on-line presence is to imitate as closely as possible, the experience that your client will have with you in person. This means putting yourself out there in an authentic way, and showing your joyful, hardworking, dedicated self through top-notch portraiture to which your client will connect. Who can possibly connect with a black & white, work-jail mugshot?! {Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against black & white portraiture, so long as it is portraiture!}

Anyhow, on to some of my latest and favorite clients – favorite because we did a lot of laughing, and that is just always. so. awesome., because they are super genuine folks and nice attorneys, {YES “NICE” AND “ATTORNEYS” DO BELONG IN THE SAME SENTENCE} and also because I am just so excited for their journey! Once their new website has gone live, I will edit this post to include a link to them. Zach and Michelle both run their own law practices and are partnering on a new venture where they will be branching out together in a few new areas of law. As a serial creative entrepreneur, I am such a super fan of branching out, trying new things, and can’t wait for their new business to really get rolling!

And check out their lovely mugs. We had a great time. Perhaps one of these days you’ll need legal assistance and can visit them at their fabulous downtown office, too!

seattle attorney professional website portraits

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