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More About Me

I am a Seattle-based portrait and wedding photographer. I am a mom, a dog-lover, a wife to a fabulous bio-chemist, and one of six kids in a pretty fabulous family. I am a collector of memories, stories, and information, and love home renovation and remodeling projects, yard work, the outdoors, and optimistic people.

As a photographer, there is nothing I enjoy more than turning the lives of my clients into art for their homes — accent pieces to their lives. {I believe that we should only have things in our homes that are either functional or beautiful … and what is more beautiful than your family?!} From gorgeous hand-made albums, to wall canvases, or print collections, I would love to help you cherish your unique life.

I have been called a lot of things but the good ones include charmer (this came from a senile person, but I’m still keepin’ it), master mingler (I love talking with new people), intuitive (it’s true), feisty (only when I need to be), a perfectionist (but really truly not in the “type-A” way), a mess-maker (some messes can be good, like in the kitchen), and a fast reader (this came from a slow reader, but again, I’m keepin’ it).  I also like to think that I’m courageous, intelligent, effective, and joyful. There it is – that word again :: JOY. I love that word.

Please get in touch so we can talk about portraits and your favorite people.  I would love to help you celebrate your life.

email: phone: 206.799.2539

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