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Product Highlight :: Portrait Wall Gallery {The Essence Collection}

I am thrilled to be featuring my latest product offering: the Portrait Wall Gallery “Essence Collection.” Three words :: I LOVE IT. But if you didn’t already know, I should provide a disclosure that I am BIG on celebrating family.

And I am not the only one who loves it – my toddler runs down the stairs no less than 10 times a day to visit this wall and see “the baby” – pointing to his belly – and “dadda” and “momma.” I had no idea it would be such a magnet for him, but he seriously loves it. He kisses the glass over the images that he can reach (the bottom row) and gets so excited during the day that he gets to see “dadda” all over this wall. {No matter that dadda is also all over the walls upstairs, too!} It reminds me that ages ago I read that babies and children get really excited to see themselves in photographs on the wall, along with their family – that it helps them understand their “place” in their family. It seemed questionable to me at the time, but after installing several wall galleries now, including a canvas gallery upstairs and seeing the way my little guy has reacted to them since a very young age, I can testify that it is true! Babies love images of themselves and their families. It is really amazing.

But back to this collection {babies so easily get us off-track!}, I carefully selected this frame for this collection because it is gorgeous, somewhat minimalist so that it doesn’t take away from the feel of a collection of portraits, and is one that will work in almost any style home – and to be sure, I offer it in silver, gold and black!

Further, I designed this particular collection to be one in which the portraits could be rotated! As an aside, this collection can be framed archivally, along with my other framing product options, but it is one that is specifically designed with a little more flexibility. And who doesn’t love flexibility?! Life changes. Babies grow up {boo}. Why not have a portrait wall that can accommodate that change?! So this particular large collection is designed for swapping out images – or simply adding to it – every year – every few years – whatever works for you and your family.

Hurray! I love this product. I do not offer products to clients that I don’t love to have in my own life, and that doesn’t add to celebration of life and family. This celebrates in a BIG, BEAUTIFUL way! Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions!!

Seattle family portrait photographer sample wall gallery
DSC_9078_HeatherPearcePhotography_2013_1 copy
DSC_9079_HeatherPearcePhotography_2013_1 copy

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